Your Partner For Success

In the dynamic landscape of the pool, spa, and patio furniture industry, having the right partner can make all the difference. At Aquiform, we don’t just consider ourselves a distributor; we are your pathway to business success. With a legacy spanning over six decades, Aquiform stands as the largest Canadian distributor in this industry, and our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

Unparalleled Product Diversity and Warehousing

Our extensive network boasts over half a million square feet of warehousing facilities across Canada, stocked with a vast inventory exceeding 100,000+ products. Aquiform is your one-stop destination for the most comprehensive product mix of backyard leisure items. Whether you’re a retailer, contractor, or service company, our catalog caters to your diverse needs.

Leveraging Experience and Expertise

What truly sets us apart is our unparalleled experience, vendor relationships, and industry expertise. We have traversed the waters of this industry for over sixty years, forging strong bonds with vendors and gaining a deep understanding of the market. Our team leverages this wealth of knowledge to provide unmatched customer service and efficient product delivery.

Supporting Your Business Growth

At Aquiform, we don’t merely distribute products; we foster partnerships. We supply a network of retailers, contractors, and service companies with personalized account management, centralized billing, and marketing support. Your success is our success, and we’re here to help you thrive.

The Heart of Aquiform: Our Team

Our greatest asset is undoubtedly our people. The Aquiform team is dedicated to delivering more than just products; we deliver fun and success. We are committed to maintaining an inclusive, diverse, and hard-working environment that is both engaging and safe. Our team is like a family, deeply rooted in strong morale, and relentlessly focused on the growth and success of your business.

Sales: Your Partners in Success

Are you looking to become a partner of Aquiform? Our Sales Team, with decades of combined industry experience, is here to guide you. We’re not just about transactions; we’re dedicated to supporting our clients in creating successful enterprises. Our focus is on building long-lasting partnerships with a forecast for future success.

Dealer Support: Your Personal Connection

Our dealer customer support team goes above and beyond to build a personal connection with each and every client. Whether you have questions about product selection, immediate availability, or lead times, you can rely on our Customer Service team for real-time advice and support.

customer support

Logistics: Efficient Deliveries, Coast to Coast

Efficiency meets affordability with our Logistics Team. Our experienced leaders are dedicated to providing practical, cost-effective solutions for all your product deliveries. We understand that timely product receivables are crucial, and our team ensures that the process is easy and efficient.

IT Support: Empowering Your Technology

In the modern business landscape, technology is key. Our IT Support Staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable about security, technology, and systems integration for your company. Connect with us to learn more about the internal system improvements we can assist with.


Accounting: Simplifying Finances

Financial reporting can be complex, but our Accounting Team is here to simplify it for you. Our dedicated professionals provide efficient, precise, and straightforward financial reporting. We’re deeply passionate about our work and committed to collaborating with our exclusive dealers to elevate their business success.

Marketing: Elevating Your Brand

Our marketing team specializes in creating marketing materials tailored to your business. With expertise in the pool, hot tub, and patio industries, we’re a team of talented, hard-working individuals dedicated to taking your brand to the next level.

H.R: Join Our Team

For those looking to join a dynamic team and expand their career with Aquiform, our HR services are here to assist. We focus on providing comprehensive support for the smooth functioning of the Human Resources department.

Your Path to Success with Aquiform

At Aquiform, our goal is simple: to help our partners grow their businesses into the future. Our team is here to support you every step of the way. We invite you to explore our company further and discover the exceptional services we provide to businesses like yours. With Aquiform, your path to success is clearer than ever! Partner with us and let’s build a brighter future together.